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Afholdt Accelerating the circular economy in the Nordics - join us to shed light on the challenges and promising trends, learn from experts and be inspired by trailblazing frontrunners

Altinget, Mandag Morgen, 2030 Panelet og Global Compact Network Denmark

How can we accelerate the circular economy in the Nordics? How can we further develop our design, ways of producing and using products to approach fully sustainable market segments? Can we redefine growth in the Nordics through reuse, reduction, repairing, regeneration and systems change?


Circular Economy is on everybody’s lips and a lot of industry related strategies and national policies are on their way – mostly uncoordinated and hard to navigate for the stakeholders. Nordic Circular Hotspot, through the support of Nordic Innovation, is aiming at bringing the leading Nordic stakeholders together in order to secure a coordinated, transparent and dynamic common approach to market development and regulatory issues. For this event we will present two Nordic companies, which are leading the way with ambitious circular design and business models and discuss how we accelerate the transition to an inclusive, resource-efficient, regenerative and circular market in the Nordic region.



Kim Hjerrild, Head of Circular Economy , Lifestyle & Design Cluster
Einar Kleppe Holthe, Founder Natural State

Henrik Holm, co-founder, Wehlers



Christian Ingemann, Project Director, Think Tank Mandag Morgen 


23. september 2021 kl. 15:00

Altinget, Ny Kongensgade 10, 1472, København K, Gården og livestreaming


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