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  • Anne Albinus ·

    EU-Egypten aftalen

    Trist at læse Carsten-Nielsens ukritiske holdning til en EU-Egypten aftale.



    "It is not surprising that Egypt will be the next subject of a European migration agreement: el-Sisi has shown that he is ready to play the migration game with his attempts to garner concessions through inflating the numbers of refugees hosted, the constant veiled threats about allowing departures, and the suggestion that he is all that stands between Europe and 97 million Egyptians. As the failures elsewhere and the mooted success in Turkey show, it is easiest to make migration control agreements with strongmen because they don’t care about domestic opposition (or have already dealt with it – there are thousands political prisoners in Egypt and journalists risk their lives; European researchers are not safe either as the death of Giulio Regeni shows).

    There is an underlying neo-colonialism to these agreements. Smug Europeans claim they have succeeded by bribing or threatening foreign leaders. In fact, those leaders are content to exploit Europe’s self-inflicted migration panic for their own ends. The media often repeats the neo-colonialism by emphasising money – the references to the EU-Turkey deal that appeared in the Egypt coverage this week still focus only on money, as though EUR 6 billion, most of which has gone to implementing partners and not to the Turkish government, were enough to buy the support of the “poor” little Turkey."

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