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    Brexit to hit male manuel workers in uk hardest.
    The Institut for Fiscal Studies estimates that such Workers are at ” particular risk” from the new barriers to trade that are likely after the UK leaves the EU
    “Left behind” male manual workers are set to be some of the worst hit economically by Brexit, new research has found.
    In 2016 Theresa May said that liberalism and globalisation had “left too many people behind”, citing people on “modest to low incomes ... [who] see their jobs being outsourced and wages undercut” and attributed the Brexit result partly to this dissatisfaction.

    Polling has also shown that working class and less educated male voters were heavy supporters of leaving the EU.

    But the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) in a new report today estimates that such workers are at “particular risk” from the new barriers to trade that are likely to be introduced after the UK leaves the EU.
    The IFS finds that nearly 20 per cent of men with low levels of formal qualifications work in industries that are very highly exposed to such barriers, compared with 15 per cent of highly educated men and 10 per cent of highly educated 
    On a regional analysis, it says that men with fewer qualifications in the West Midlands, which had the highest Leave vote share in the country (59.3 per cent) in 2016, are “particularly exposed” due to the higher amount of manufacturing in the region.
    According to the think tank, plant and machine operative occupations tend to be older with skills specific to their current roles, which is likely to make it more difficult for them to move to different jobs.

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