Human rights organizations, groups and defenders in Euro-Mediterranean

The Euro-Mediterranean Foundation of Support to Human Rights Defenders (EMHRF) is an independent regional foundation led by human rights defenders and experts in the affairs of the Arab region and acting for local human rights defenders, groups and NGOs from the region.

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11.380.000 DKK

  • Small human rights organizations, groups and defenders by reinforcing their operations and human capacities in order to enable them to create structures or implement innovative activities effectively in the region
  • Human rights defenders/activities in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine and Israel only. If applicants based outside these countries has made a positive impact on one or several of those countries these may be supported
  • The applicant, when it is facing risks or working within a difficult context, and no other donor has agreed to support the request (or it only receives occasional support for project but no core funding that would help sustaining its/his/her activity)
  • In the context of the standard support provided by the Foundation, special attention is paid to innovative thematic areas that have priority importance for the region, such as:
  • Economic, social and cultural rights, empowerment of women and young people, protection of minorities and refugees, fight against impunity, rehabilitation and reintegration, etc.
  • Initiatives aimed at allowing human rights defenders to increase the visibility of their action and consolidate their prospects for pursuing their activities in promoting and protecting human rights
  • On the basis of a significant consideration, which will also be placed on innovative means, as alternatives to traditional activities, to reach out to the youths (cultural, artistic and media activities as examples
  • With a maximum duration of support being 12-18 months
  • With a right to demand further explanation and documentation, as well as certain demands: It is possible to read these on the "Overview" page in "Nødv. dokumenter"

Støtter ikke
  • Applicants supported under the same conditions by another national, regional or international organisation