First Ebola case confirmed in Goma, eastern DRC

Source: Christian Aid
Country: Democratic Republic of the Congo

Christian Aid said: "While we have long expected Ebola would reach Goma, there is still a sense of shock that a case has finally been confirmed. We hope a full outbreak can be prevented."

In response to the first case of Ebola being confirmed in Goma, Esperant Mulumba, Christian Aid’s Acting Country Manager for the DRC, in Goma, said:

“While we have long expected that Ebola would reach Goma, there is still a sense of shock that a case has finally been confirmed in the city. We are hopeful that the speedy discovery of this first case means a full outbreak in Goma can be prevented.

“However, given the amount of people living closely together and widespread poor living conditions, there remains a real risk that virus could spread very rapidly unless the upmost care is taken to test and quarantine all those who could have come into contact with this patient or anyone displaying Ebola symptoms.

“Christian Aid is following the situation closely with the national Ebola coordination team in Goma and has stepped up prevention efforts at our offices, including mandatory handwashing and body-temperature measuring.

“We continue to work with our local partner organisations BOAD and CBCA on Ebola prevention at the epicentre of the outbreak in North Kivu province, including working with faith leaders to raise awareness of the disease, improve hygiene practices and reduce mistrust within communities towards Ebola treatment”.

For further details on Christian Aid's response, please see here.

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